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Mental Health Matters – Can Stress Hinder Weight Loss?

Can Stress Hinder Weight Loss? By:  Natalie Lawson, RD Stress is part of our everyday life.  Work, kids, finances, relationships… and then you try and throw in something like weight loss and BOOM, you’ve got yourself an extra dose of stress!  Not to mention that weight loss causes so much stress.  Think about it… everywhere

Mental Health Matters: You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat By:  Melanie Mediate, LPN, Civil Residential Supervisor “You are what you eat”.  How many times have you either said or heard this idiom?  Most of the time when people make this statement they are referring to how your diet affects your physical health.  However, this saying can also extend to

Mental Health Matters: Some of Your Anxiety Might Not Belong to You

Some of Your Anxiety Might Not Belong to You Robert Stewart, LMHC Forensic Residential Program Supervisor   Recently, one of the training wheels broke on my son’s bike. Rather than replace it, I decided that the time was right to take off the training wheels altogether and teach him how to ride on two wheels.

What is Motivational Interviewing?

What is Motivational Interviewing? By: Taylor Googe, MSW Social Services Supervisor   Working in the mental health field you have probably come across that particular client who comes in again and again. You might have wondered why they haven’t changed and what you could do to help. You have also probably noticed that directives such

Mental Health Matters: Empathic Listening

Mental Health Matters Empathic Listening Samantha Tyler, NCC, M.S./Ed.S., Director of Residential Services   As a CPI instructor, I always stress to my students that although we may spend a great deal of time practicing physical techniques, verbal skills can and should be utilized first when faced with a crisis situation. As long as the


EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE IN THERAPY Sri Kothur, M.S., Therapist When clients decide to start therapy, they are faced with many choices. It is critical for clients to consider and understand the type of treatment offered. Evidence-based practice is the use of scientifically supported treatments studied in large scale clinical trials that show symptom reduction, which can

2-1-1 Big Bend and ASIST Training

2-1-1 Big Bend and ASIST Training By Alex Mikulka, Inpatient Admissions Supervisor On a daily basis, Apalachee Center and 2-1-1 work together to ensure that individuals in the Big Bend can get the resources and services they need. However, many folks at Apalachee are unaware of the history and scope of 2-1-1. For the better

Caring for Individuals With Alzheimer ’s Disease

Caring for Individuals With Alzheimer ’s Disease   Judy Goreau, RN  In September I had the pleasure of attending a “Brainstorming” meeting with the North Florida Senior Citizens Network. This is a foundation entity of the Area Agency on Aging for North Florida, Inc. The meeting included people from all over North Florida involved in

Mental Health Matters: Reducing Burnout in the Mental Health Field

Reducing Burnout in the Mental Health Field Andrea Beaulieu, MSW, RCSWI Social Services Supervisor What is burnout? Many people in the mental health field talk about having “burnout”, or other people being “burned out”, but there is rarely a lot of time spent defining the causes and cures. Burnout can actually be a normal response

Mental Health Matters – Finding Acceptance Through Mindfulness

Finding Acceptance Through Mindfulness Whether you think you can, or think you can’t–you’re right. –Henry Ford How do you cope with stressful or troublesome situations? Some may face it head on, solving the problem, thus making the unpleasant feeling subside. Others may avoid the problem, constantly pushing it aside and hoping it will disappear. We


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