Our FACT Team (Florida Assertive Community Treatment Team) is designed to provide comprehensive and community-based help to individuals with serious mental health challenges who need more than regular case management or medication services can provide.

The FACT Team was implemented at Apalachee Center in July of 2001. The team provides  24/7 wraparound mental health services and is based on a nationally recognized, evidence-based treatment model known as P.A.C.T. (Program of Assertive Community Treatment).  The purpose of FACT is to provide intensive treatment, rehabilitation, and support services to clients in their homes, on the job, and in social settings. The FACT team is led by a licensed clinician and an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), both with extensive experience and training in working with individuals with severe mental illness and co-occurring disorders. Team members include nurses, case managers, therapists, a substance abuse specialist, a vocational rehabilitation specialist, and a peer specialist.

The FACT program aims to meet an individual’s basic needs, enhance the quality of life, support independent living, increase community involvement and activity, and assist clients in obtaining employment, educational opportunities, and volunteer experiences. The FACT team is available 24 hours a day to assist clients in a crisis or an emergency.



The FACT Program at Apalachee Center offers a wide range of integrated services that all work together to help our clients.

  • Psychiatric Evaluations / Medication Management

Our APRNs (Advance Practice Registered Nurse) meet with clients monthly to assess, diagnose and treat symptoms with medications. They also monitor the non-psychiatric medications and work closely with the primary care physicians.

  • Case Management

With a team of qualified care managers, FACT maintains a low client/staff ratio to better serve our population.

  • Nursing Services

Registered Nurses (RNs) manage and administer medications, including injections. They also screen for other health problems and coordinate services with other providers.

  • Peer Support

With professionals who have gone through similar circumstances, we offer coaching and consultation services and recovery strategies.

  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment

Our counselors and therapists provide integrated dual diagnosis treatment,  therapy, outreach, and relapse prevention.

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services

A dedicated vocational rehab specialist provides supported employment services, including job development, job placement and job coaching services.



  • Lessen or eliminate the symptoms of severe mental illness

With the use of therapy, medications, and other services

  • Minimize or prevent episodes of acute mental illness

By helping individuals identify precursors, stressors, and symptoms

  • Increase the quality of life & independent living arrangements

By helping individuals achieve their goals and teaching life skills to help individuals live independently.

  • Improve social functionality

By working with individuals in the community

  • Improve employment relations

By helping individuals find employment

  • Meet basic needs

By helping individuals find and afford housing

  • Decrease or prevent hospitalizations

By working with clients every day to keep up with their treatment



Individuals who qualify for FACT services:

  • Have been diagnosed with mental illness/substance use, or co-occurring disorders, and are experiencing significant functional challenges
  • Have a history of frequent or lengthy psychiatric hospitalizations with their current level of outpatient treatment
  • Have difficulty taking care of basic needs due to mental health/substance use or co-occurring disorders
  • Are willing to work with FACT Team

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