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Removing the stigma: Help is available for those having suicidal thoughts

Paul Haney, Special to the Democrat 6:05 p.m. EDT July 7, 2014 (Photo: Mike Ewen/Democrat) Traditional views say that those who die by suicide are selfish and cowardly, opting for the easy way out of their troubles. The more we understand the psychological condition of suicidal ideation, however, the more we realize that traditional thinking

Mental Health Matters: What is EMDR?

Mental Health Matters: What is EMDR? By: Jennifer Barr, LCSW   There are many different types of treatment for trauma and trauma-related diagnoses, like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Some of you may be familiar with some of the available treatments. When considering a specific treatment or therapy, it is always important to speak with

Caregivers: A Population with Unique Needs

Have you ever had to care for a loved one in need when you felt like you weren’t prepared or equipped for the job? Maybe Mom or Dad are elderly and became sick, and you didn’t want them to live in a facility? Maybe you have an adult child that has schizophrenia and at times

People that Thrive

People that Thrive ~Submitted by Jackie Beck, MSW, Director of Inpatient Programs   “Success is not the key to happiness.  Happiness is the key to success”~ Albert Schweitzer   The human condition: We all are subject to emotions and are vulnerable to circumstances that impact those emotions. Stress and adversity can have many faces: family

What Do You Want to Change?

What Do You Want to Change? Have you ever had a family member or friend who had a glaring problem that you knew they needed to change, but they did nothing about it? Have you struggled with change yourself? We all typically would like to change something about how we manage ourselves or our lives:

Mental Health Matters: You Are What You See

Ask yourself what is going wrong in your life and more likely than not you will very easily call to mind your problems at home, at work, with your health, or your finances. (If anyone tells you their life is perfect and they have no problems, don’t believe them!) It is so easy to notice

Mental Health Matters: Helping Each Other to Help Ourselves

People have the innate desire to feel purposeful and productive. One way that many people feel like they have purpose is through working or volunteering. Feeling like one is giving back to the community or contributing to society can help keep the body and mind active and create a feeling of well-being. There is a

Mental Health Matters: Capital Therapy is a New Place for Help in Tallahassee

Welcome to Mental Health Matters, a regular column in the Tallahassee Grapevine that features stories and tips on issues relating to mental health, from the staff of Apalachee Center. This week, I’m very excited to be using this space for something a little different. I want to let you know about a new place to

Mental Health Matters: Understanding Trauma

The term “trauma” is commonly used in our world today. In fact, we have witnessed several events recently publicized across news media that have been traumatic for many people in different ways. It is also very likely you have experienced something significant during your lifetime that you label as traumatic. The experience of trauma is

Mental Health Matters: Art Therapy Brings Hope To People in Crisis

Almost everyone experiences a crisis at some point in life or knows someone who did. Crises are events like the loss of a loved one or job, a breakup, horrific trauma, injury, or drug abuse. They can leave people feeling helpless and hopeless. People in crisis can be hospitalized, sometimes against their will, if they

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